General FAQs

Climaloc® products can be found in most hardware and home improvement stores. Just ask for Climaloc® by name when shopping in-store. For more information or to find a Climaloc® retailer near you, visit our Where to Buy page!

Installing your Climaloc® solutions is easy! In most cases, you will need only basic tools such as a screwdriver (or drill), a tape measure, a hammer or a simple hacksaw. All Climaloc® products include instructions on either the packaging or in a step-by-step leaflet.

All our in-store displays and product packaging is colour-coded to help you find the perfect Climaloc® solution for your next project. This was designed to help simplify the shopping experience, allowing you to quickly and easily find the products looking for at your local hardware or home improvement store. Visit our Weatherproofing Solutions or Window & Door Screens product pages to learn more!

Climaloc® products are designed for superior performance under extremely hot or cold weather conditions.

Refer to the packaging of your new Climaloc® product for more information on how-to install. You can also check out our Resource Center for a complete listing of how-to videos and installation guides. Click HERE to get started and see easy it is to install your Climaloc® solution!

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