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Did you know you can save on your energy bill and consumption by reducing heat loss through your windows? Climaloc® offers Window Insulation to prevent heat loss, insulate your home, and even reduce cold drafts.

Prepare your windows for the cold months to come with a Climaloc® Window Insulating Kit! Enjoy energy savings and protect your home against drafts, rain, snow, dust, pollen and insect infiltration.
In addition to effectively insulating your windows during the coldest of seasons, Climaloc® Insulating Film can also keep condensation off glass and avoid the formation of ice at the bottom of windows in freezing temperatures.

Climaloc® Window Insulating Kits come with crystal-clear shrink film that is easy to install with double-sided tape (provided) and a hair dryer (sold separately). Kits are available in box format for sealing 1-5 standard windows/1 patio door or in a roll format for larger projects.

Pick up a kit today and save both time and money with this easy-to-install weatherproofing solution!

Browse through our wide assortment of Window Insulating Kits and rest assured that your home will be as comfortable as can be during the cold months to come!

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