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Climaloc® offers a broad selection of Door Sweeps designed to seal gaps between the bottom of your door and threshold. Installing a Door Sweep is a simple, efficient and inexpensive way to save on energy consumption while also protecting your home against unwanted drafts or insects.

Climaloc® Door Sweeps are available in Aluminum and PVC, and can be installed on wood or steel doors. The Climaloc® line also includes innovative solutions such as DENY products that are embedded with a natural abrasive to stop bugs for the entire life of the vinyl seal. Also included in our line is an array of CINCH products that are easy to install with a 3M self-adhesive and require no drilling or screws!

If you’re looking to keep heat in the home during the winter and air conditioning in the summer, look no further than to a Climaloc® Door Sweep solution!

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