When your garage door is closed, are you finding that water, drafts and dirt are still managing to get through? It may be time to replace your existing garage door weatherstripping! Climaloc® offers a wide selection of Garage Door Seals that are designed to prevent cold air, dust, insects, rain, snow, and leaves from entering your garage.

Whether you are looking to seal the top & sides or bottom of your garage door, Climaloc® offers a great selection of Garage Door Seals that provide all-season protection against the elements. Solutions are available in multiple sizes that fit standard single-car and double-car garage doors, all of which provide an effective barrier against the changing seasons. The Climaloc® line also includes innovative solutions such as DENY products that are embedded with a natural abrasive to stop bugs for the entire life of the vinyl seal.

Keep the heat in your garage during the winter and retain the cool air during the summer with a Climaloc® Garage Door Seal solution!

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