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Did you know Climaloc® Thresholds are designed to provide a weathertight seal at the bottom of your door to prevent cold air and drafts from entering the home? Installing a Threshold will not only keep drafts, dirt, and bugs out, they are also key to making sure your home is more energy efficient.

Climaloc® Thresholds are available in Aluminum & Vinyl, and are compatible with outswing doors. All products are easy to install and screws are included for your convenience. Be sure to combine one of our Thresholds with a Climaloc® Door Sweep for ultimate protection against the elements. This combination provides a weatherproof seal between the bottom of the door and the top of the threshold.

If you’ve noticed that your Threshold is starting to wear out due to foot traffic and outdoor exposure, it may be time to replace your weatherproofing with one of a Climaloc® Threshold solution!

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