Climaloc® Weatherproofing Solutions FAQs

Climaloc® Plus is a premier-tier product line which offers superior efficiency, performance and optimal durability with a lifetime warranty. 

In order to weatherproof against elements and extreme temperatures, Climaloc® Insulating Film for Outdoor use is approximately 2.5 times thicker than the Climaloc® Insulating Shrink Film for indoor use. For these same reasons, the insulating film tape for outdoor use is much more adhesive.

Yes, the film included in our Window Insulating Kits is crystal-clear and shrinks tight as a drum when heated properly with a hair dryer, so much so that you will forget that it’s there!

To ensure the adhesion of the film and tape, you should always thoroughly clean and dry the moldings surrounding your window or patio door before installing your Climaloc® Insulating Film for Outdoor Use. If the temperature is below 40 °F (4 °C) at the time of installation, we recommend that you heat the moldings around your window or patio door with a hairdryer before applying the tape. This product is not recommended for use on stucco, brick, or rough wood.

We recommend you install the Climaloc® Insulating Kit in the Fall, before the outside temperature drops to 40 °F (or 4 °C).

To remove the Climaloc® Insulating Film without leaving residue, we recommend you use a hairdryer to warm the surface and carefully peel away the film and tape from the frame. If there is still some residue left, you can use water and mild soap or a commercial glue-removing spray to remove the remaining residue.

Yes, you can easily paint the vinyl profile (rigid part); however, we do not recommend painting the flexible part

If you can see a gap between your garage door and the floor, it’s time to replace the seal with a Climaloc® Garage Door Bottom.

In order to minimize heat loss and reduce energy consumption, we recommend sealing your garage doors with one of our Garage Door Seals. This is especially important if your garage is attached to your house. Also, if there are exposed pipes in your garage, browse the Climaloc® Specialty line of products to view high-performing Pipe Insulation Wraps.

Climaloc®’s line of high-quality Air Conditioner Covers & Seals that will protect your AC unit from dirt, snow, and ice. This solution will prevent the unit from rusting and deteriorating over time due to exposure to the elements.

There are many advantages to weatherproofing your home. First and foremost, since the cost of heating and cooling accounts for more than half of a typical energy bill, weatherproofing is the most economical and simplest option to improve the efficiency of your home’s energy performance. Seasonproofing with Climaloc® is less costly and quicker than undertaking renovations such as installing new doors or windows. Bottom line, seasonproofing saves you money fast! A good weatherproofing seal can also prevent deterioration of building materials caused by water infiltration and moisture. And of course, by reducing your energy consumption, you reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win, win!

We recommend installing a Climaloc® Top and Side Door Seal to stop any air infiltration.

We recommend installing a Climaloc® Under Door Seal to stop any air infiltration. For optimal results, install a Climaloc® Door Threshold as well. Check out our how-to videos to learn how to install these solutions.

We recommend you install a Climaloc® Compression Top and Side Door Seal, which will seal any door that does not close properly.

There are a couple of things to consider. First, the size of the inside of the door frame. Second, the dimension of the space between the frame and the door. You need to first measure the height and width of door frame and then the width and depth of the space between the frame and the door when it’s closed. This is a very important step to ensure you select the right top and side door seal, because if the seal is too small, it will not fill the gap and it will let the air pass; if the seal is too large, it will prevent your door from closing properly.

Most Climaloc® Top and Side Door Seals will fit on any entrance door. For steel doors, we specifically recommend the Climaloc® Magnetic Top and Side Door seal which, just like a refrigerator, will form the most airtight seal.

The most common gap dimensions are ½ in and ¾ inches, and Climaloc® offers a complete line of efficient and easy to install door bottoms to fit both gap dimensions.

Since you don’t want your door sweep to cross the threshold when the door is in motion, you should install your Climaloc Door Sweep on the inside of your swing-in door, and on the outside of your door if it opens to the outside.

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