Climaloc® Window & Door Screens FAQs

Spline size is determined by your screen type and spline channel. If you don’t have a sample of your old spline, measure the spline channel and choose the spline size one size smaller.

Climaloc® recommendations based on standard 7/16″ frame are as follows:

Aluminum – .16in spline
Fiberglass – .18in
Pet Resistant – .16in
Sun Guard – .18in
Invisible – .18in
Micromesh – .18in
Deco Screen – .18in

Turn Buttons are used when your screen frame sits flush into the frame channel on the window. If there is no channel or the frame will not fit flush, you may need to use a Frame Clip to hold the frame in place.

Often times when installing the Screen, if the mesh is pulled too taught while installing spline it will twist the finished frame. Just use enough tension when installing your mesh to keep it straight and flat with no bulging and the spline will tighten the Screen in place.

Micromesh Screen utilizes a smaller mesh size or weave to ensure smaller insects do not get through the screen.

Rinse Aluminum screen with water only. Fiberglass and other specialty products can be cleaned with mild soapy water. Do not scrub too hard to avoid damage to the mesh.

As implied by the name, Invisible Screen provides the best visibility. The fine yarns woven into a tighter mesh provide more holes per square inch improving the view.

To determine your weave, thread or yarn count or mesh size measure a 1” x 1” area on the screen mesh and count the number of yarns horizontally and then vertically. For example, if you count 18 horizontally and 16 vertically the weave, thread or yarn count, or mesh size is 18 x 16.

The total number of window/door coverage depends on the size of Screen purchased:

84″ – 1-2 windows or 1 door
25′ – 3-5 windows or 3 doors

Side-Tension Springs install into the Screen Frame prior to installing the Frame Corners to complete the Screen Frame. Insert the flat piece of the Side-Tension Spring into the frame opposite the spline channel.

While the airflow may be reduced slightly due to the increased number of yarns, there are still many openings in the mesh to allow airflow through the screen.

Climaloc® Sun Guard Screen provides up to 75% reductions in UV rays.

The pattern on the Deco Screen helps provide additional inward privacy, however, does not impede the outward visibility.

Use the convex end of the Spline Tool to carefully crimp Aluminum Screen into the spline channel and use the concave end to install the Spline into the channel.

Both are very common for Window & Door Screen installations and provide different benefits. Aluminum will be slightly more durable but is more prone to denting or creasing during installation as it’s more rigid. The Fiberglass product is easier to install and wrinkle free once fully installed. Take into consideration price, durability, ease of installation and visibility when deciding which Screen works best for you.

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